Our School Council

We are the school council, and we put forward ideas and proposals about changes we would like to make.  We care for each other and our environment and we know that  we can make a difference.  We meet regularly and take our role very seriously. 

Recently, we have:

  • Consulted other children about the kinds of books they wish to have in the School Library.
  • Chosen the colour scheme for the new Minipod.
  • Produced drawings and designs for the 'Conservation Area'.
  • Advised on equipment for the 'Infant Trim Trail'.
  • Consulted with other children on Playground Leaders equipment.

As well as helping the school make improvements we also enjoy organizing fund-raising events. In 2016 we raised over £2000 for various charities through events such as:

  • Children in Need
  • Sports Relief
  • Christmas Jumper Day
  • Roald Dahl Day
  • Sign to Sing