Extra Curricular Activities

After School and LunchTime Clubs

We offer a variety of clubs to enhance the PE curriculum and personal development of the children.


Clubs currently running:

Tuesday:  Football Training 

Wednesday:  Striking and Fielding

Thursday:  Archery


Coming soon:

Monday:  Choir

Monday:  Christmas Crafts

Tuesday:  Cookery

In 2016/17 we offered the following clubs to children:

Year 5/6 Tri-Golf Year 3/4 Multi-sports club Year 1/2 Multi-skills club KS1 Football Club with Accrington Stanley FC KS1 Multi-Sports Club with Accrington Stanley FC
Year 6 Archery club KS 2 Netball club Year 5/6 Football club Year 5/6 Ultimate Frisbee Year 3/4 Tri-Golf
Year 1/2 Street Dance club Year 3-6 Cricket club Year 1/2 Athletics club Year 4 -6 Cross Country Running club Year 5/6 Cookery club
Year 1/2 Christmas Craft club Year 1/2 Easter Craft club Year 3/4 Christmas Craft club Reception Mini Olympics club KS 2 Choir